New Album: "Women In My Head"

Words can’t describe my excitement and satisfaction right now. I️ get to realize the completion of a most personal and enlightening endeavor as "Women In My Head" is now available on Cassette, CD, Vinyl, and digital download. 

Art in all its forms arises from ardor, struggle and reflection. Inspired by generations of strong-minded women, as well as her own experiences, Portland multi-instrumentalist Megan Diana McGeorge has given life to the beautifully intimate LP, WOMEN IN MY HEAD. Deep, personal and masterfully written, the first LP under the name Megan Diana injects a powerful dose of honesty into the pop genre through her crisp piano phrasing, gorgeous composing and mighty mezzo soprano voice that are impossible to ignore. And despite the gravity of the lyrics and what inspired them, the mood and musicality of WOMEN IN MY HEAD will leave many a smile on its listeners’ faces.
— Roberto Curtis

Sample track: Tattoo

Learn more about Megan's creative process while creating this track at

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