September 28th was the BIG day. The culmination of years of work all in one night. 5 years spent working on the album and almost another after working towards a Regional Arts and Cultural Council grant and rehearsing with the orchestra. 

On that evening I was finally able to bring 18 musicians together at The Old Church to perform my album Women in My Head straight thru. I had so many wonderful collaborators and sponsors. Cymaspace came thru and brought 2 of their LED light panels to help interpret the music thru light grids. It created a gorgeous atmosphere for the audience. 

I also had an incredible ASL interpreter in Blake Wales who brilliantly communicated my words to those in the audience who were deaf or Hard of Hearing. 

Easily the most rewarding musical evening of my life. 


Our second rehearsal for Megan Diana + Orchestra took place at the dreamy Hallowed Halls in Portland. It's a nice roomy space with gorgeous light and everything you could possible need to rehearse or record. I felt so lucky to have everyone there this time. So many incredible musicians from Portland took part in the orchestra and choir. 

I had most of Pool Boys singing with me along with the sweet Robin Bacior, Lisa Adams of Sama Dams and Mel Tarter from those Those Willows.


One of my sweet sponsors for the BIG show were amazing local microphone makers Ear Trumpet Labs. They've got mic's that sound incredible and look equal parts vintage, industrial and so, so stylish. Many acclaimed artists of every genre use these mics - you can learn even more about them here but I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to use multiple Edwina's (yes- they all have fabulously retro names ) for my choir and myself at The Old Church. Photos by Henry Cromett 


In February 2018 I applied for a Regional Arts and Culture Project Grant so that I could hire a brass, choir and string section to help me present my debut album, Women in My Headas fully realized as I possibly could. It's a magical thing to be in the recording studio and layer a million vocals parts, bring in your French Horn and arrange a choral of brass to come in where you want and find all sorts of atmosphere - basically where the impossible is possible. BUT - that makes it a bit harder to present the music live when you want to give the audience your whole musical vision for your songs. This grant would make it possible for employ a mini-orchestra and do just that. Luckily- I found out in June that I got the grant and was able to begin scouting out musicians to fill parts. 

The amazing local venue Polaris Hall was generous enough to give us all the space to rehearse with 15 people. These are a few glimpse's of that first rehearsal. Special thanks to musician, trumpeter and arranger Paul Brainard who arranged all the songs for me and created a road map for us all. Photos from Henry Cromett


I love Al's Den - a secret little basement venue that's hidden in downtown Portland. Every night of the week they have live music and I've played and watched a lot of music in this spot. One week in the spring was my friend Mitch Wilson's Residency and we got the chance to play a few of my new songs together. I also asked my guitar player, Matt Roveto, to add a little extra atmosphere to everything. A good time was had. Photos by the very talented Henry Cromett