Visual Scoring

One of the most exciting things to me to as a musician and composer is collaborating with artists from other fields. I love the opportunity to help heighten the experience of another piece of art. Often I employ many different kinds of keyboards, from an old vintage electric Wurlitzer or Fender Rhodes, to something more classic and evocative like a beautiful warm baby grand piano. I also love to bring in my French Horn as often as I can (my area of study at University) as well as layering my voice into a large chorus to shade and support what it happening on screen or on the canvas. 

The Buzz

Art by Marc Girouard and Travis Abels.
Audio Portrait by Travis Abels
from interview with Ollie Collins.
usic by Megan McGeorge. 

This project: "...Or Something Like That."  is a brilliant multimedia art installation. Upon entering the gallery, you would receive a pair of headphones to listen to each audio memory as you looked at an original portrait of whomever was speaking. 

ou can learn more about it and listen to many more memories at



Art by Marc Girouard and Travis Abels.
Audio Portrait by Travis Abels
from interview with Isabel Miller.
usic by Andy Rayborn and Megan McGeorge.

In both memories I kept things relatively simple to easily integrate with the spoken audio. I used my voice to heighten the awe, the excitement, the fright of both and created a piano melodies that could easily go from neutral tones to others more stirring/sad/sweet. 

Future: Portland

The director needed something emotional/thoughtful/moving for this short film inspired by an essay he penned earlier in the year. 

I came up with a theme inspired partly by Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, giving the piece a second theme that was at times dark but in the end ultimately uplifting. 

Piano. Push. Play. Summer 2016

To celebrate the wrap up of Piano. Push. Play. 2016 this video followed a special instrument, plus 19! other pianos on their summer journey around the city of Portland. 

Since the HEROS piano was specially highlighted I created a score based off of that BOWIE (r.i.p.) classic. I layered multiple piano parts to heighten the fact your seeing 20! pianos of every appearance imaginable. I then bring it back to a solo piano towards the end as we come back to sole pianos. 


Piano. Push. Play. Summer 2015

My aim in this score was to capture the  wonderment and awe many have when introduced to the piano for the first time. Seeing the instrument and making music on it themselves is a special experience

I use subtle vocals and reverse effect flourishes to embellish a simple piano introduction. I then move into a complex middle section that expands on the simple piano melody supported by lots of fast moving supplemental parts. This is another way to emphasis all those pianos you're seeing onscreen. 

#SeeingSound LED Piano

This score begins with very clear, structured, major melody.  

This short film is a sort of mini-doc so I wanted to take the idea of what was being created onscreen and translate that to the music. 

The developers of this piano are using science to create music in a form that others can see, feel, and touch. Science and coding is a very measured process and so I used a scale and melody that was all major steps in big leaps.  

Since the filmmaker had some time-lapse sections I wanted to create a sense of urgency that matched the speed and energy of what you were seeing onscreen.